What does  Open Data mean? Why do I have to register? What are the terms and conditions? There's an answer to every question, and here we try to address those which come up most often.


To save you time,  we'll skip the usual endless lists.
Our FAQ section is regularly updated to show the most recently asked questions, alongside our most frequently-read questions.

Can I trust the data provided by STIB-MIVB?

All the information we provide on this platform corresponds to the information used on our mobile applications, our time information screens as well as our website. We constantly monitor the accuracy of our data in order to offer quality data. Nevertheless, if you spot any incoherence in our data you can inform us about it via the contact form on this page.

What is the liability of STIB-MIVB with respect to the Open Data use and am I liable for anything as a partner/user?

All the information pertaining to the rights and obligations of our Open Data platform users is stated in our licence. Click here to read our licence.

Can I use STIB-MIVB data for commercial purposes?

All the information pertaining to the rights and obligations of our Open Data platform users is stated in our licence. Click here to read our licence.

What is the Open Data of STIB-MIVB?

This is all the information our customers use to travel on our network: timetables, stop names, locations of the stops, line routes, etc. but in a digital format. This data can thus be consulted, reused, copied for different purposes and in different formats.

The philosophy of the Open Data platform is to keep Brussels moving together with its customer as partners by fostering innovation. Following their own travel habits, needs or limitations they can reuse, copy, consult, combine, etc. this data to create new applications within the framework of the user’s license.

We will gradually provide the users of this platform with more useful data that they can use.

Only public information will be made available. No sensitive or personal information will be shared on this platform.

How do people use Open Data?

Developers use it to create applications but the possibilities are endless: games, research, scientific articles, web sites, etc.

Everybody can use Open Data according to their own needs and combine it with other data from other Open Data platforms to create interesting projects.

The projects which STIB-MIVB deems interesting will also be presented on this platform in order to inspire other people. If you already have an idea, you can share it with us via the form below.

Do I have to pay for Open Data?

Our data is public and thus free of charge. There is only a limitation on the frequency of use and/or consulting our methods and API.

If you wish to increase the use of our API’s, please contact us through the form so we can analyse together how to best meet your demands.

How does Open Data work?

To access Open Data you need to register on My Space. Then subscribe to the API which interest you and create an application. Once this is done, generate a key by choosing the application you just created under the heading Subscriptions. When you finalized this step, you can access the available methods.

What if I need help or have questions about Open Data?

You can use the contact form below or the forum on our platform and we will answer as soon as possible.

How to automate Generating the Token (curl example)

  1. Navigate to the page << Subscription >> to get your consumer and secret key.
  2. Create your curl command like the following : curl -k -d "grant_type=client_credentials" -H "Authorization: Basic BASE64KEY+:+SECRET"
  3. Put your Consumer Key and Secret key in the following format: << YouConsumerKey:YouSecretKey >> and convert it to Base64 
  4. In the command, replace BASE64KEY+:+SECRET by the two converted keys.

How to access Open Data STIB-MIVB portal of Brussels

  1. Navigate to the Open Data portal:
  2. If you are a new user, click on the register button on the Home page,enter your contact details and choose a password to create your account.
  3. Log ino your account.
  4. In My Space you have four sections (APIS, Applications, Subscriptions and Stats)
  • APIS: Access to all the available WEB APIs including the documentations.
  • Applications: List of all your current applications. You can also create multiple applications for different uses and control the throttling capacity for every application.
  • Subscription: Access to your Token, Consumer Key and Secret Key,

There are two types of keys (Production and Sand Box):

Sand Box: contains data for your test environment.

Production: presents the real data from production environment.

  • Stats: User statistics of your use of the APIs.

How to subscribe to STIB Open Data API

  1. Log in to your account or register.
  2. Navigate to My Space.
  3. Click on APIS in order to visualize the list of the available APIs navigate to the API that you would like to subscribe to (for example: Operation Monitoring).
    The sub menu that appears in the selected API contains:
    Overview: a brief presentation about the current API.
    Documentation: Contains a tutorial for using the API.
    Console: in some APIs you can find additional menu items which give the ability to test your token directly and see the result.
    Throttling: Displays the throttling constraints applied to the current APIs. 
  4. Choose your application or create a new one (if you don’t choose any application, the system will select automatically  a Default application).
  5. Click on the Subscribe button.
  6. To use your API, navigate to the Subscription page and generate your Token.

Caution: your token has limited time so you have to regenerate it when it has expired or automate generating the Token by filling the field “Validity time” and clicking on Regenerate.